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were found in a burning home. and a massive mud slide sweeping through an area by colorado springs. i am harris faulkner. that's our fox report. in two seconds huckabee. tonight on huckabee. democrats anoint hillary as next queen. >> the gop of old is steal. >> the string of libber tarrism is dangerous. >> can the gop unite to win the white house again? >> remember the president's reelection message in 2012? al-qaeda is on the path of defate and bin laden is dead. >> al-qaeda affiliates and like- minded extremist still threaten our home land. which is it, mr. president? former cia officer breaks down
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the latest terrorist threat. >> i pock chrissy in hollywood? matt damon sends his kids to private school. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you. thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. this week, the trial of self- proclaimed jihist and army major nidal hasan got under way after four years and $5 million to prepare for the trial. hassan murdered 13 people and unborn child and wounded 32 others in a cold- blooded massacre in fort hood, texas. he continues to receive a military pay which amounts to
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south of $300,000. we have paid his medical bills and provide him with legal assistance and extraordinary security measures. equally disturbing, despite military rules that prohibit the growing of a beard he will do so in order to accommodate his muslim faith. he will be allowed to pray and read the quoran. and christians are told to remove references on their facebook pages and chaplains ordered not to pray in the name of jesus. and takedown signs that quote a president that said there are no atheist in foxholes because that might be offensive to atheist. it appears there would not be christians and jews in the
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foxholes because they would be drummed out of the military service. >> we should accommodate them if they serve in the military. the first amendment is freedom to believe and worship and even disagree. but why are the christians in the armed services singled out for discrimination? i visited gitmoa few years ago, i was taken back by the level of accommodation that had muslim detainees. they were able to pray five times a day and given a prayer rug and provided with a quoran and given meals that cost over $14 to prepare. the brave american servicemen were fed sand witches and only one hot meal and total food cost were four bucks a day. i was outraged that the detainees were given better food
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than the soldiers gaurgd them. he wears the same uniform and marked by a flag that he no longer respects. he renounced the military in favor of his jihaddist brothers and the taliban. we make sure we don't offend his sensitivities. i would like to know when we respect the sensitivitities of servicemen and women who were murdered and wounded by the monster? i am glad we find racism repulsive. we ought to stop discrimination on religion and race and bloefs; but it ought to apply to everyone including christians. not everyone but christians. (applause) you can argue about the president's ability to lead and
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the democrat's performance or lack thereof in washington. but democrats know how to stick together and back the president's policy and unite. they have all but anointed hillary clinton to be the presidential candidate in 2016 and pretty good at blaming republicans. and you know who else is good at boating up republicans? other republicans. chris christie and ram paul shed the gop can't get out of its own way. >> septemberor paul wants to look at where to cut spending, he is cut the pork barrel spending he brings home in kentucky. >> kidnapping of bacon talking about bacon. he wants to be a champion of national deserves. shutting down the military bases in kentucky. he wants to break bread and find common ground and it will help the party. >> i am running for reelection
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in new jersey and i don't have time for that. if i am down in washington i will look him up. i didn't expect to be there son. >> republicans don't get their act together pretty soon, can they capture a majority in the senate and wen back the white white. joining me is the xhupgz's director for the republican national committee. and dannon lash who is a te party activist and matt welch and author of the bock of the declaration of independence and how libertarian politic cans fix what is wrong with america. great to have you guys here today. (applause) spawn i know you are spawn spicer. republicans are fighting in the house and senate over whether or not to defund obama care even if it means shutting down significant portions of the government, good or bad idea? >> in general it is a good idea.
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our party is united as far as getting rid of obama care. more americans are losing health care and costs are going up and the problems continue with the implementation of obama care. what we have a ro best difference is the tactic of how to make that happen. some believe we can defund it in the continuing resolution process and some people believe you can't do that because of the mandatory spending. if we can get resolutions that it can be done, most republicans agree to defund. it but there is a healthy debate on what is the most effective way to do. it everyone wants to get to the same place, it is just how to get there. >> the te party people drew a line in the sand and said if they don't vote to defund or tied to the debt ceiling or budget itself then they are rhinos; is that fair? >> you will see it in the
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grassroots movement. generally they want to see a republican stand on it. if they are not going to stand to defund it when the time coming to are peel it, they will not stand to repeal it then. there is a lingering general distrust that the grassroots movement has. and with the republican party on. this there is a lot of things that they feel they compromised on before and when ever it comes the discussion of compromise republicans give up the most and democrats have to give up the least is that because republicans got one- half of the house. they don't have the senate or the white house. i mean, the fact is, you are going to own all of the moving parts. >> elections have consequences and we had 3 million republicans that didn't go out and vote. we have lost swing states by
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a couple of hundred thousand votes. we could have won the states. and elections do have consequences and we don't control the senate. we can't have a repeal. we'll not get harry reid to go along with. that >> matt they have their version of the okay coral l? >> you can't defund obama care. you make a fight out over it and you can't. and it looks like the republicans or group of republicans are threatening to shut down the government, they are going to lose the public relations battle, the media will hammer them to death. and you will see a move toward delaying. and obama is just saying we'll delay that part and that part of obama care. we'll delay everything for one year to allow you to build
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a politics to it and if you win the nextç election you will ha something to talk about without going to the precipice. >> it so manies like a overton approach. oppose burning it down. what best tactic helps us to move it down the field to our advantage. >> you will see the house under speaker boehner vote 40 times to defund obama care. the commitment is there and we have one house of one branch. we are doing everything that we can. and i think if we want to do this, you need more pieces and get out in the next election and get a republican senate and put a piece off of the board. the commitment and will is there and we need the ability to make it happen. >> if the republicans implode and they call each other names and you don't have guts and courage.
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>> that is not going to happen. >> doesn't that affect the ability to win and get the senate back next year? >> not necessarily. >> you don't think it does. >> not perceived progressive will hurt us. that statistically can happen. nate vill versaid it could happen. he is right. the bottom line, three polls released in the past 4 or 5 weeks, majority of the americans on the fox news poll. super unpopular and it is unworkable. they want to so it defeated in any way possible. >> we'll have to take a break. we will come back and talk about chairman prebuttis. we may not do debates on your network. and if there is a clash with the libertarian wing of the party. we have a lot to go over.
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>> welcome back. we are back with shawn and danna and matt. >> matt you saw in the opening of the show chris christie saying we have to work approximate the libertarian. are they a threat in the republican party? >> they is a interesting fight going on in the republican party with the conservativism. rand paul didn't invent it. it started with the te party election when so many insurgents supported by the te party and going against the republican establishment and create a new
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brode like the rand paul and ted cruz and all of these people iminated. there is a fight if you are serious about cutting government or like mitt romney does. i will cut your taxes and not tell you what we cut and we boost social security spending and boost medicare. that is conserveatism in washington. that is not popular anymore. and there is a fight of over how much to limit government and how to conduct and talk about foreign policy. they are huge differences of opinions and the republicans have to fight it out. >> is that an issue that republicans are fighting about. there is a libertarian party and they have presidential candidates f. you want to be a lib tar dwran there is a party and that's where that discussion belongs. >> there is a separate party for it. but there is a strong home for these people in the republican
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party. and we come together on lower government and less regulations and taxes. the issues they fight for there is a huge home for them in the republican party and make us and helped us to win election and we welcome more and more of them. that is a healthy one to have in the party. >> it gets rough when the primaries are mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most conservative of them all? it might be a slight bit of difference between a within republican and another republican. the damage is done. how do we overcome a healthy robust debate without destroying each other? >> as neither a libertarian and republican and democrats. >> so what are you? >> my tactic and strategy is to vote for the most conservative
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candidate and most limited government and fiscally responsible candidate who can win in the race. you have to kick your foot in the dor. that's the strategy that i look at. and in terms of the fighting tone the libertarian and republican. i love the libertarian uprising. i think it is preventing the word conservative from being coopted. we'll not all agree. i would rather try to accomplish the 80 percent and then fight like crazy over the 20 percent after we won on the 80 percent. that's what we need to tell individuals. 20 percent can wait. but the 80 percent is deciding the future of our children. >> tell preuous i appropriate the stand he is taking. they will not have a fair
5:19 pm
moderate the rnc will not send the republicans out this. when i was out in 2008 with chris matthews who is nonpartial as me. if they ask me to moderate a democrat debate let chris do a republican debate. that's not going to happen. this issue is going to cope going. i do hope that people will understand that republicans can disagree. what they can't afford to do is get to the place where they separate. disagreement is one thing and husbands and wives disagree every day and don't divorce over it. republicans can have the debate and get upset and animated, that's fine. unite around the side that won and realize that you have a lot more in common than you do with letting harry reid to run the united states senate.
5:20 pm
that is what has to be stopped and for heaven's sake understand that. >> president obama and putin are not getting along very well. it is not the only relationship on the rocks. obama has explaining to do. my reaction coming up after this. ♪ (tires screeching) red hot deal days are back.
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>> the relationship between the united states and russia is so tense the white house a up insed that president obama will not meet with the russian courter part. he was asked if the bad blood would get in the way of getting things done? >> i don't have a bad personal
5:24 pm
relationship with putin. when we have conversation frz they are candid and blunt. often types they are constructive. i know the press likes to focus on body language and he has the slouch looking like the bored kid in the back of the class rom, but the truth is, when we are in conversations together often times is very productive. >> the bored kid on the back of the class rom slouching. why do kids slouch. because he is bored. you know putin might be slouching in those press beatings between the two of them? because he is bored. liven it up a bit. maybe that's what is missing. i hope you have a better meeting and thank you for not cancelling the olympics. why punish the athletes for something you can't do. getting long with the president
5:25 pm
of russia. snshg the president a cowed republicans of creating phony scandals andine one of the biggest hollywood supporter system turned off by the lack of transparency. here's what matt damon said. >> he broke up with me. there is a lot of things that i question. the legality of the drone strikes and the nsa revelations, it is like jimmy carter came out we don't live in a democracy. and that is a little -- that's intense when an expresident said that. and you know, he has some explaining to do particularly for a constitutional law professor. >> i think that matt is right. but matt had to do some of its own explaining. he is an advocate for sending kids to public schools and moved the west coast, and decided to send his kids to private schools
5:26 pm
and this is his explanation. >> sending our kids in my family was a big, big, big deal and it was a giant family discussion and a circullar. i pay for a private education and trying to get the one that matches the public education that i and that progressive education no longer exists in the public system. that is unfair. my advice if it is unfair your kids were not going to get the education that you thought in the public system. you had the opgdz and you exercised your choice to put your kids in private school. but what about the parents who don't have a choice? shouldn't they be allowed to have the choice of home schooling or put their kids in a private school or what ever they want and best for their
5:27 pm
kids. what is not fair, is that the only people who have choice in america today in regards to education are the people who have the kind of money you have got. or people who sacrifice every last dime to make it happen with their kids. i am a public school advocate. my kids went to public school and first governor in 50 years whose kids went to public school in my home state, but i still believe that ultimately mothers and fathers make education decisions and not government. let's empower every parent to make that kind of decision. >> in the opening of tonight's show. i talked about the lux rows afforded to fort hood shooter nidal hasan. we could have more judges like judge young who sentenced the terrorist to prison. he said you are not a soldier in
5:28 pm
and war. you are a terrorist to, give you a reference to soldier gives you far to which stat u where whether the officers of government do it or attorney does. it you are a terrorist and we don't meet with terrorist or negotiate with terrorist or sign documents with terrorist, we hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice end quote. judge young, here's my thought. if president obama has a vacancy on the supreme court, i can't think of anybody better than you to be on the court. thank you for speaking up for virtually every american i know and speaking it like it ought to be. judge young, you are a hero today. >> coming up, the latest in the fort hood trial and my visit with major scott smiley.
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>> i am harris faulkner. this is a fox news alert. we have covered hannah anderson's, the 16-year-old kidnapped and we were told that a double murder had taken her into this wilderness area in ida ho. it started in san diego, california and now authorities say they killed the suspect and young hannah is safe. a new's conference happening now. >> the first thing hannah appeared to be safe and was rescued and ro reunited with her family in the near future. we would have liked mr. dimaggio to surrender and face the justice in the court of law. that is not the case.
5:33 pm
>> did she have any injuries if >> not that i know of. she will be taken to the hospital where she is thoroughly evaluated before the detectives or fbi agents interview her. (inaudible) >> no, i don't have any information in that regard. (inaudible) >> we will -- mr. anderson will be transported to ida ho and reunited with his daughter tomorrow morning sometime. >> what is the case? >> there is obviously still a lot of investigation to be done. we'll be talking to hannah and getting more details on what happen and wrapping up our investigation. >> you have any other of the circumstances other than the manhunt and how she was discovered. >> we had a lot of resources in the ground and aerial resources and my understanding that the
5:34 pm
camp site was spotted from the air and then the ground units were is not in the area and led to a confrontation. >> you talk about the communication and can you talk about the interaction and how san diego investigators were involved with what went on up there? >> we is not child abuse investigators and evident technicians up there realizing that we are going to be processing the car and other things. we are in xhupgz as was the fbi. they have been in our office and it is a joint effort from day one. it is the way law enforcement is working and i am glad it see it with this collaboration that is unprecedented. thank you very much. we have just been watching the official announcement that hannah anderson is up-to-date. let me catch everyone up.
5:35 pm
this started last sunday when the little girl was reported missing. her mother and brother was murdered. this started in san diego, california and why the san diego sheriff department is making the announcement. an amber alert put out after the mom and young child murdered and the young woman was taken with the man you see here. you heard him say we would have likeed to bring him to justice. james dimaggio accused of double murder and taking hannah. that map was taken out by law enforcement and the huge amounts of assets deployed to find the young girl and this man in one of the worst areas to look for somebody because of the treacherous terrain and wilderness area and called no return in ida ho and they had a huge job to search the 2000000
5:36 pm
acre roadless property in ida ho. beautiful country and a nightmare to find somebody in. this man was an outdoors man and xout terrain. >> they had hundreds of law enforcement officers and federal agents and now the report that hannah is okay. her father was contacted to let him know she is looked at medically to make sure she is okay. this is a huge story breaking on saturday night, no one knew if she would be okay and what it would turn out to be okay. hannah is safe and the perpetrator taken out. san diego sheriff department giving the update and hopeful ly we'll see hannah anderson going forward. we return you now to huckabee. >> even chaplains in prayers and churches they can.
5:37 pm
in the prayer break fast or meals and balls and you will have a chaplain that starts the event with a prayer and ends it and it can't be in jesus' name. generals over the time i have been in the military that were reprimanded and counselled because of their speaking out of their speaking faith. i as a soldier hear about that. i feel it is not only demeaning but goes down the line of persecuting, a christian and a man who believes and trusts in god and fights for my country, believes that my religious faith is torn away from me. >> scotty, in the trial this week nidal hasan renounced his citizenship and military, we paid him a salary and we accommodate him and let him grow his beard. that is a religious expression. how does that make you feel
5:38 pm
murderer is allowed to express his religious view point and you are not. >> it is hard. the military has done a wonderful job and a board that is overseeing the case. but the truth comes to it they have to follow army policy and someone is able to grow a beard or jewish individuals can wear a head dressing for the religious beliefs, the military allows it. but individuals with a bible on their desk because that is their religious belief are told to take it off, that is where the double standard comes in play. to serve an army that doesn'tly support a christian, it makes it difficult to serve. i know that christians fight for this country as i believe this country was started by christians for christians and it is kind of a difficult problem in which we are facing nowadays.
5:39 pm
>> scotty, i appreciate your service for this country and the wounds you have suffered for it. >> shutting down embassies in the mideast make us look weak? and how do we detect the new weapons used by terrorist? respiratory pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪
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al-qaeda is on the path of defeat and quad squad dead. and osama bin laden is dead. >> well, throughout the president's campaign for reelection last year, we heard him talk about the decimation of al-qaeda. here's what the president said in the press conference on friday. >> core al-qaeda is on its heels and decimated and i also said that al-qaeda and other extremist have matacicized in to regional groups that can pose significant dangers. >> last week, the state department closed 19 american outpost in the mideast and africa and evacuated the embassy in yemen and warned americans not to travel to pakistan and evacuated nonemergency personnel from the u.s. consulate in pakistan. all because of terrorist threats. gary burn sten served as chief
5:44 pm
on three occasion and led counter terrorism deployments. and he has spent a career hunting down al-qaeda and author of a book jaw breaker the attack on bin laden and al-qaeda. gary, thank you for being here. >> (applause) >> we closed all of the embassy and consulateso all over the middle east or africa. good or bad idea? >> you know, when the initial statement came out they were closing the embassy based on enteleigence against a threat of wide variety. the new york times said it was specific. and so the administration may have gone overboard in terms of trying to protect themselves from criticism because of mishandling of benghazi. >> part of the problem is the communication problem. they demonstrated they are not adept in handling this. first of all, continued threats
5:45 pm
from al-qaeda as we go forward and it is not decimated. and the second issue. those embassies are stating they are closed to the public. people in line in case there is a car bomb that goes off and foreign nationals that are trying to get visas. principled officers are working there. and if they continue to close embassies because there is a threat, it looks bad and looks like al-qaeda has us on the run and defeating us. and it comes out with a language for the status of embassies, like status number one and functioning fully and status fully principled officers fully. and you are evacuating people we don't want to say we are closing the embassies. they have made themselves look very bad governor huckabee. >> we hear the word chatter. a lot of people in the general
5:46 pm
public chatter means talking among our friends. when we hear the term a lot of chatter going on, what does that mean? >> i really hate that term. it is a term that is created by political that don't do counter terrorism for a living. it is representing that they are seeing things in the intel world weather human reporting or seginal intelligence that something is being planned and it is not a accurate term and shouldn't be used. they have a accepts that attack or operational planning is going on and they are responding to it. it is a terrible term. the president and policy makers shouldn't use it and it sounds foolish. >> i will not use it anymore, gary, i will stay away from that completely. >> there is a new threat we face
5:47 pm
and different coined of undetectible bomb. explain to us what is the next thing that could make all of the things in tsa worthless? >> we have bomb makers in yemen who constructed. >> fox news alert. i am harris faulkner and just a few minutes ago, we brought you breaking news out of ida ho and reports that 16-year-old hannah anderson, who was reported missing last sunday was found alive and well, her suspected kidnapper reportedly shot dead by authorities there. they were on a manhunt the better part of this saturday looking for these twochlt they didn't want to have happen to hannah what happened to her mother and brother. they were murdered by the man on the right side of your screen. their bodies were found inside
5:48 pm
of his home that he set on fire. as they hunted the suspected killer at the time and hannah anderson, we didn't know where we might wind up on the saturday night. but the breaking news as we learned in a news conference moments ago, is that hannah is okay. >> i want to bring indoma who was the reporter. dom neck you and i led the news over a houring on and the law enforcement and assets and potential of drones, they really went after this guy? >> they most certainly did. and what we heard from the san diego county sheriff department in the past few minutes, it appears they were spotted from the air. the police didn't want to comment on whether drones and heat seeking technology was used to find them. this is how they described what they came across. take a listen. >> during the arrest attempt in
5:49 pm
the north end of the moore head lake in idaho, james lee dimaggio was shot and killed by an fbi tactical agent assigned to the fbi headquarters unit. hannah anderson was located with dimaggio and a pores well and rescued and will be transported to a hospital in ida ho. >> the tactical team moved in, harris after they were seen via helicopter and harris described. we don't know if it is a drone, but someone said it was a helicopter. there was establishing a camp site so dimaggio had camped earlier in the woke. they were seen with camping equipment. and now we understand she is taken to the hospital and her father brett is being transported from california to ida ho and hopefully mote with
5:50 pm
her in the morning, harris. >> for people joining and you say watching huckabee and wondering where did this whole thing start, i want to take ever were first reporting that hannah henderson was missing and what it's become over the last few days. growing concern something you touched on earlier on fox reports was there were some things in this man's past. james dimaggio that had authorities worried. >> reporter: that is right. his back history. tomorrow would have been the 15th anniversary of dimaggio's father suicide. this sunday was the anniversary of 15th anniversary when his father first disappeared before he killed himself. there has been a lot of discussion as to whether this period was pivotal to dimaggio and some form of trigger. it's uncanny these events have happened at this time. we don't know what was going
5:51 pm
on but this there was something there. i was saying earlier that the authorities knowing this had added to a sense of urgency he could be about to do something. here is where we stand now. james dimaggio is dead and hannah anderson, but she is said to be safe and said to be unharmed. >> harris: that teenager. you mentioned the dad, brett anderson they had contacted him. i remember earlier in the week when the father made a statement. his words were directly to young hannah, if you can find a way to escape, do so. i wanted to ask you to stand by because we want to revisit some of the news conference. let's watch it from the top. >> thank you for being here today. during an arrest attempt at the north end of moore head lake in idaho the suspect
5:52 pm
james lee dimaggio was shot and killed by an f.b.i. tactical agent assigned to it f.b.i. headquarters unit. hannah anderson was located with dimaggio. she appears well and will be transported to a hospital in idaho. to recap this operation started on wednesday when some hikers saw two people that recement bld dimaggio and anderson. friday morning the blue nissan versa was discovered and that led to a massive federal, state and local manhunt in the idaho area wilderness outside of cascade, you idaho. what a collaborative effort and search and recovery effort really was. the sheriff's department had personnel from san diego up
5:53 pm
there, very valley county and aida county, unprecedented response by f.b.i., salt lake city, san francisco and f.b.i. headquarters sent units out there to assist in the search along with u.s. marshals. idaho state police officers and customs and border protection. it truly was a joint effort. i'm pleased to say that hannah was successfully rescued and appears to be in pretty good shape. i would also like to thank the media. as you recall, we had not originally ironed the amber alert in idaho but because of the extensive coverage that this horrendous crime received from the media that the hikers in idaho were aware of hannah and missing and their whereabouts.
5:54 pm
i'll answer any questions. i would like to say there is a press conference in cascade, idaho at 5:30 our time today, 6:30 their time where a lot more details will be provided by the federal, state and law enforcement on the scene. they conducted the operation. brett anderson, hannah's father has been notified. obviously he is elated we found his daughter alive. plans are being made to reunited him with his daughter hopefully tomorrow morning. >> was there a firefight. >> i'm not going to discuss any of the details. i don't have them. those will be issued this afternoon up in idaho in about an our from now. sheriff's department personnel notified mr. anderson this afternoon. i didn't do it. obviously he was very
5:55 pm
relieved to be reunited with his daughter. i'm sorry, this is daphne, especially agent in charge in san diego. their assistance has been inavailable. she is with rob howe and also patty duke, assistant sheriff. everybody knows captain duncan frazier who has led the investigation from the start. the family has been notified as best i know. i'm sure the grandparents have been notified also. 4:22 this afternoon pacific standard time. that is when we were notified here. we were pretty ins takenous communication with idaho. we were following their command post and tactical units out in the field. i can't thank the federal government enough for all the resources, tactical resources they brought to bear on this that in my mind
5:56 pm
led to a successful resolution. the first thing we related that hannah appeared to be safe and rescued and reunited with family in the near future. obviously, we would like mr. dimaggio and surrender and face justice in a court of law but that is not going to be the case. not that i know of. she will be taken to a hospital where she will be thoroughly evaluated before any detectives or f.b.i. agents interview her. no, i don't have any information in that regard. yes, mr. anderson will be transported to idaho and hopefully reunited with his daughter tomorrow morning some time. well, there is obviously still a lot of investigation
5:57 pm
to be done. we'll be talking to hannah getting more details exactly what happened and kind of wrapping up our investigation. >> any other circumstances of the manhunt? >> i just know we had a lot of resources in that area and aerial resources. it's my understanding that the campsite was spotted from the air then the ground units were sent into that area which eventually led to the confrontation. >> can you talk about the interactions and how san diego investigators dealt with all what was going on there? >> we sent investigators, homicide investigators and child abuse investigators and some evidence technicians up there realizing we are going to be processing the crime scene. we were in communication with f.b.i. this has been a joint effort from day one.
5:58 pm
it's the way law enforcement is supposed to work. i'm gratified to see it resolved in this way with a joint effort and collaboration which was really unprecedented. okay? thank you all very much. >> harris: that was the san diego sheriff's department. let's pull a couple things on the screen. i'm looking at satellite remote right now. i have dom on one side, dom, in the middle of us is the next news conference that is set to get started in idaho. what we heard the sheriff's department representative, i believe it was the sheriff from san diego, what he said was this is the next area that you'll find information. that amber alert started in san diego but it was media that drove the story. as he went into the wilderness area called no return, they were hoping that we would pick up the story and help them out because they needed our help. >> reporter: absolutely. i think if you look at the attention that social media
5:59 pm
has particularly given to this and how much we accompanied all the information that has been coming from there, media and social media has been playing a pivotal role in this. wait the news was broken, we saw a tweet probably about an hour and a half ago that said that heard by police radio that a man and woman had been spotted in that wilderness area. we followed that up but couldn't get much information on that. all of a sudden there was breaking news about 4:00 pacific time that a major announcement was going to be made. that we have another one coming up in idaho. this will be the f.b.i. and also valley county's sheriff's department. they will have a lot more information particularly with that tactical information. >> harris: that is where we expect to hear how they went in and took this guy out and got young hannah anderson on to safety.
6:00 pm
those are the details we'll be covering. great job dominic. >> we have learned from the past few minutes, indeed, 16 years old she is safe. her abductor, james dimaggio is dead. killed we believe in an f.b.i. shootout at a camp siet in remote wilderness in idaho. this taking place in the last hour and a half. san diego's sheriff department saying there was
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